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NOTE 2: The pre-OOBE is pretty slow, just wait 1-5 mins for it to complete, it will reboot a few times.
Compact10 Image Features:
  1. 3.47GB of Storage
  2. 0.3GB of Ram used with nothing opened
  3. Smaller ISO Compact 10: 1.63GB, Original: 2.52GB
  4. No bloatware
  5. Working internet
  6. CPU barely being used, depends if you have many apps opened
  7. No Windows Defender
  8. No Microsoft Edge (use internet explorer instead)
  9. You can install virtual machine drivers, such as virtualbox driver (NOT TESTED WITH VMWARE ONE)
  10. Working Setup (no manual installation required)
  11. OOBE gets skipped
  12. Fast Boot time
  13. Fast Installation (about 5-10 mins)
  14. Logging in takes a few seconds (about 10-25) seconds
  15. Deleted troubleshooters
  16. Not many processes constantly opened
  17. YOU CAN USE 300MB OF RAM! THATS CRAZY! (note: winlogon will crash a lot, use 400MB of ram for less crashes, taskmgr will also work fully, you can use 500MB of ram for less issues)
  1. 32 bits
  2. No settings, use control panel instead
  3. Start menu broken due to removal of Cortana
Download: here
Coming Soon!